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General Info

This shelf has How-To documents and other related help.


locks, tools, ideas, etc.

3D Printing

All things additive manufacturing

ACE678 Group Resources

This book has related links to external resources.


Ideas for making lock related stuff

Filament printers

Printers that use rolls of plastic string to feed an automated glue gun that moves on a gantry to squish out layers of plastic into a desirable form

UV Resin printers

Strong Ultraviolet lights underneath shine onto an LCD screen that lets light through only in the places that need curing on each layer. A tray with flexible and clear bottom is filled with liquid resin (ultraviolet sensitive) and the build plate is raised up...

Spend Money!

Lock Stuff and where to buy them!

General 3D Printing

Place for stuff that applies to more than one type of 3D Printing


"Catch All" for anything that doesn't have enough content for it's own "Book"

Printer Upgrades

So you want to upgrade your printer... Isn't that cute

Ender 3 & 3 pro

Printer Upgrades

In this guide I will be going over what parts I decided to use when upgrading my Ender for the first time. At the time of writing this I priced out each part. Those prices are subject to change.

3d printer

Group Resources

ACE678 Group Resources

ACE678 Wiki

Affiliated Groups

ACE678 Group Resources

Atlanta Cybersecurity EngineersDC404ATL2600Atlanta Locksport

Local Conferences

ACE678 Group Resources

BSides AtlantaBSides AugustaHacker Halted

Cheapest decoders/shims from pocket tape measure


Tools used Some type of pry tool(Anything to get it open) Small flat blade screwdriver (1/4" or less) Handle of a slim lockpick Careful use of a hammer might work too :) Some type of cutter for the steel(Much easier than filing everything!) Kit...

Printing Adhesives

Filament printers

What I have tried ABS Juice/Slurry Made by dissolving ABS plastic bits in liquid Acetone No hard rules here, some like thicker, some thinner, both worked for me Works perfect for ABS and HIPS, but no other materials seemed to like it in my tests ...

Raspberry Pi Zero W as Wifi USB Drive

UV Resin printers

This is NOT my work, I started at: and downloaded the 400meg zip file containing a preconfigured SD Image.  After burning the image file onto the SD card I created an empty file ...

Best Beginner Lock Pick Sets

Spend Money!

Trying to decide which lock pick set to buy?  This is only a short selection of the great kits that are available today, but these are the most commonly recommended for new lock pickers. Sparrows Tuxedo Kit ~$32 + Shipping https://www.sparrowslockp...

Practice Locks to BUY

Spend Money!

Looking for locks to practice on? These are some great ways to build skill without locking ourselves out or in something by accident.  We never practice on a lock that is "In-Use" like my desk drawer, because over time our picking efforts can damage the lock ...

Free Locks


Now that's a clickbait title if I ever saw one! Friends, Family & Neighbors! Everyone knows people, and most of them do remodeling to the place they live once in a while...If you let them know you are looking for locks, they are usually happy to hand over th...

3D Model Repositories

General 3D Printing

There are many great places to find models! All these sites have quality 3D models available, although not all 3D models are printable.   Thangs - Kind of a 3D model search engine, but they require free account login to download any...

Print Beds

Filament printers

Many options... Lots of materials can successfully be used as print bed surfaces, and some of those work better for one filament better than another. These materials are the types I have used to date, and my opinions about each. Glass - Float Glass, Temp...

Octoprint Plugins

General 3D Printing

To each their own Every printer and setup is different, and everyone has different uses and priorities! Prusa Mk3s+ (Modified for higher enclosure temperatures) Cancel Objects DisplayLayerProgress https...

Raspberry Pi's for Octoprint

General 3D Printing

Octoprint is Awesome! Octoprint is Free and Open Source! ...and We should donate(if we can) to help keep it awesome! "Recommended hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, 4B or Zero 2. Expect print artifacts and long loading times with other...

Filament Printer Rolling Cart

Filament printers

Mobile and Self-Contained Unplug and roll it into the corner; enabling better space management around the shop without disturbing the 3D printer at work.  Automatic Fire Extinguisher Ball - 13-foot diameter

Unlimited Lock Cylinder Shims


Buy new stuff and get free lock shims! Almost everything purchased from a physical store these days has a magnetic anti theft device attached, or more often recently, inside the packaging where it is harder to remove while in-store!  Regardless of type, color...

Dummies Guide to upgrading your Ender

Printer Upgrades Ender 3 & 3 pro

So you just bought yourself a 3d printer or maybe you have had one for some time now. Well sooner or later you'll come to a cross road where you will keep your stock printer or you will decide to start making some upgrades to it.With the seer amounts upgrades ...

Adhesives for 3D Printed Parts

General 3D Printing

This is a PDF document created by the Loctite Company describing their various adhesives and which ones provide the best results under various conditions: I learned a...