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Free Locks

Now that's a clickbait title if I ever saw one!

Friends, Family, Co-workers & Neighbors!

Everyone knows people, and most people either remodel the place they live or maybe move households once in a while.  When moving into a new house, it is standard practice to change all the locks.  Letting everyone around us know that we are looking for locks they are usually happy to hand over their old "Trash" as it comes along.  Suggesting a better way to secure someone's prized possessions without breaking their bank is a good way to help everyone involved, since they are typically happy to give away their old "junk".

Maintenance Technicians

  • Apartment complexes
  • Condos
  • StripMalls
  • U-Stor-Its
  • Laundro Mats
  • Office parks
  • etc.

The people working to maintain the spaces we live, work, and play can be a fantastic resource for lockpickers like us.  Groups like these can be a gold mine in practice locks for a club!  Technicians usually end up with lots of cut or otherwise "useless-to-them" locks that would normally go in the trash.  I have had the best luck by offering to help them personally with something as a trade, but the Pizza and bucket trick is always a good choice.  Check back with them every few weeks and don't forget to paint the bucket so they remember it's YOURS and it's for LOCKS.


This one is a bit trickier since their livelihood overlaps so closely with our hobby.  I tend to begin with a little bribery; such as showing up with a hot pizza and an empty bucket around 11AM.  Sometimes we get lucky and the locksmith is happy to point to a trash can in the back room and say "Have at it", while others are completely unwilling to help in any way. 

Fair Warning - It is really unfortunate, but some locksmiths I have approached reacted with fear\anger as if I was taking money from them in some way.  I see no gain in antagonizing someone regardless of how misguided I believe their viewpoint is.  My recommendation would be to simply Smile and Say "Thanks Anyway" then LEAVE THE PIZZA.