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Best Beginner Lock Pick Sets

Trying to decide which lock pick set to buy? 

Below is only a short selection of commonly recommended beginner lock pick sets.  ALL sets highlighted are high quality tools that could be expanded upon later to create the lock pick set of your dreams as skill, budget, or enthusiasm grow. 

  • My Opinion - Try not to get hung up on the whole "kit" thing; these are just tools that enable your brain to solve another puzzle!
    • Screwdrivers and pliers don't HAVE to match... unless the voices in your head say otherwise ;)


Covert Instruments FNG (Freakin New Guy)

  • ~$10 + Shipping
  • Contents
    • 2 pick tools (Sandwiched metal handles)
    • 1 turning tool
    • Acrylic Practice Padlock
      • I purchased several at the same time and all arrived keyed differently, Yaaa!
  • My Opinion - This is not what "I" would call a "Lock Pick Set", but this combination of a cheap practice lock with high quality tools at a beginner level price makes an IDEAL first purchase.  If we outgrow this as a first set nothing is wasted as tools etc. are added to our "kit" and if we loose interest completely this makes a cheap novelty or Re-Gift at ~$10.


Sparrows Tuxedo Kit


Southord C801 Pick Set


Multipick Elite 9 Pick Set


Dangerfield Serenity Beginners Lock Pick Set + Leather Wallet


 Genesis Lock Pick Set