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Practice Locks to BUY

Looking for locks to practice on?

These are some great ways to build skill without accidentally locking ourselves out, or worse.  We never practice on a lock that is "In-Use" like my desk drawer, because over time our picking efforts can damage the lock, thereby making the correct key not work any longer.  

Training Locks

Special Training Locks are available in many configurations such as See-Through, Cut-A-Way, Easily Re-Pinnable, Many-In-One, as progressive sets, etc.  See-Through and Cut-A-Way locks can be useful as a first step, though we usually outgrow them quickly unless they are also Easily Re-Pinable.  Re-Pinable locks and progressive sets allow the owner to raise the difficulty as their skills improve, and the Many-In-One locks might keep us from getting bored too easily as skills mature. My only real advice is that if something is made of acrylic...don't drop it!!!

All of these companies make great training gear, so personal preference is the name of the game...

Practice Locks

Practice Locks are regular locks that are NOT "In-Use", and every possible skill level is available.