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Filament Printer Rolling Cart

Mobile and Self-Contained

Unplug and roll it into the corner; enabling better space management around the shop without disturbing the 3D printer at work. 



Ikea Bror Cart.jpg

Ikea Lack Table.jpg


  • 1000 VA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
    • Any 1kVA UPS should work for continued printing through times of power fluctuation or loss
    • I choose to upcycle an older UPS by drilling a hole in the side to plug in an outboard battery
    • The cord of most UPS' are around 10' long, but in order to make the cart more mobile, it needed a 25' Extension Cord to stay plugged in for demanding materials that require printing from an active dehydrator
    • Battery Backed-Up
      • Printer
      • Raspberry Pi
    • Surge Only
      • Dehydrator
      • Power Strip

35ah battery.webp

Power Strips.jpg


  • Generic Food Dehydrator
    • This dehydrator:
      • Is cheap
      • Fits 2+ rolls of filament
      • Gets hot enough @350W to dry the polycarbonates and nylons thoroughly (or melt some spools)
    • I cut the bottoms out of all but one of the trays, notched 2 trays for Tube adapters, installed Bowden tube fittings on adapters, added spool holder, and added a PTFE tube for each roll
    • The PTFE tubes are just guides to keep the filament covered until it reaches the enclosure, once again probably overkill
    • Powered by Surge side of UPS so it dies when the cart is unplugged, and is on it's own Smart Plug to enable remote management (or when I forget to turn it off)

TP-Link Plugs.jpg

RPi4 Aluminum.jpg

  • Raspberry Pi 4
    • Running OctoPrint
    • Powered by the Battery side of the UPS to keep it powered all the time, and on it's own Smart Plug so I can remotely hard reset if/when necessary