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Raspberry Pi Zero W as Wifi USB Drive

This is NOT my work, I started at: and downloaded the 400meg zip file containing a preconfigured SD Image.  After burning the image file onto the SD card I created an empty file on the "boot" partition named "ssh".  That enabled me, after booting up the pi, to log in over SSH and use "sudo raspi-config" to configure the wireless network; I left everything else as default.

This turns the Raspberry Pi Zero W into a WIFI connected, network shared (SMB) USB thumb drive, using an old micro USB charging cable to connect the OTG port on the Pi to the USB port of the 3D printer or other computer.

The 2.4GHz WIFI, SMB sharing, and Raspberry Pi Zero W itself, all contribute to a very SLOW but fully functional experience when transferring files to/from the Pi.  Once the files are available from the Pi's USB OTG port, the performance has been comparable to any cheap USB 2.0 thumb drive: not fast, but useable.

I have it connected to my resin printer and have the Pi mapped in windows as a shared drive.

This process takes less than 5 minutes

  • Save the sliced "print file" to the shared network folder (the Pi's CD card)
  • Go turn on the printer's chamber heater
  • Shake and pour resin into the VAT
  • Plug the Pi's OTG USB cable into the Printer
  • Select the file I want to print using the printer interface
  • Select Print!