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Interesting YouTube Channels

In no particular order, some great content creators recommended by multiple people in the community

Robert Murray-Smith is an enthusiastic teacher of anything that interests him, and he breaks things down to pieces that are easy enough for even children to understand fairly complex subjects.

LockPickingLawyer is a very accomplished demonstration lock picker that thoroughly explains what he is feeling or looking for while working.

BlondiHacks is run by Quinn, a clever engineer and machinist that teaches a lot of interesting mechanical projects.

MyTechFun is run by Igor, a very thorough and methodical engineer that does occasional materials testing relating to 3D printing.

Slant 3D is a 3D print manufacturer that teaches about the methods to design for and advantages of 3D printing.

TechMoan demonstrates and explains the history of tech items and technologies from the past.

Stephan from CNCKitchen is a materials engineer that does some very interesting testing.

SaveItForParts is a great experimenter that does a lot of radio related research and tinkering.

SilentButDescriptive demonstrates handcuffs and restraints from around the world.

AppliedScience teaches a great variety of different concepts and technologies.

TeranAtelier is a master leather worker that teaches in a way that anyone can understand.

ScamSchool is run by magician Brian Brushwood, and teaches magic tricks and other fun "scams" to play on friends.

Peter Brown is a craftsman that uses epoxy, wood, and everything else to make some real works of art.

Tim Hunkin is an engineer and mechanical artist that creates unique "arcade" games for his public arcade in the UK.

TechIngredients teaches and explains the science behind some really neat projects.