Filament printers

Printers that use rolls of plastic string to feed an automated glue gun that moves on a gantry to squish out layers of plastic into a desirable form

Printing Adhesives

Build plate adhesives I have tried...

ABS Juice.webp


Glue Stick.webp





Vision Miner.webp

Print Beds

Many options...

Lots of materials can successfully be used as print bed surfaces, and some of those work with one filament better than another.  This list covers the print surfaces I have used to date, some information about them, and my opinions about each.

(BTW, my choice to use 1mm thick sheets to create new print sheets, is based upon my Prusa Mk3s+ printer's inductive bed sensor and it's need to magnetically "see" the steel sheet below the added print surface.)

Glass Sheet.jpg